The Red Moustache Manuscripts

The Red Moustache Manuscripts contains vignettes chronicling over a half century of adventures. Some of the stories are amusingly funny while others can be seriously enlightening. So come in and enjoy a truly unique experience!

The Way Out

is through the door
if I know nothing else
of that I'm sure...

if I was a snake
I could hit the ground and slither
if I was a lie
I could start to wither

if I was a babe
I'd just show my face
if I was the truth
I could plead my case

if I was rich
I could grease a palm
if I was the mob
I could cause some harm

if I was a bird
I could take to the sky
if I was a philosopher
I could wonder why?

If I was a lawyer
I could sue
if I was a truck
I could drive right through

if I was a foe
I could vow revenge
if I was a camera
I could just change my lens

if I was a gun
I could pull the trigger
if I was a bomb
I could make the doorway bigger

if I was a mask
I could hide my fear
if I lacked ambition
I just might not care

if I was a debutante
I could demand to pass
if I owned a bank
I could give you cash

if I was a cop
I could blow the whistle
if I was the militia
I could launch a missile

if I was the commander in chief
I could push the button
if I was a bum in the street
I could just do nuttin'

I'm just a guy
and nothing more
and the only way out

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