The Red Moustache Manuscripts

The Red Moustache Manuscripts contains vignettes chronicling over a half century of adventures. Some of the stories are amusingly funny while others can be seriously enlightening. So come in and enjoy a truly unique experience!

Say Hey

Hey, Mr. Baseball
can you teach my kid to hit?
and Mr. Baseball
can you teach my kid to spit?
and while you're at it
show him how to wear his cap
and with his bat, how to clean his cleats off with a tap

Hey, Mr. Baseball
when all is said and done
can you teach my kid, how to chew his gum?
and Mr. Baseball, maybe not today
but before the season's over
can you teach him how to turn a double play?

But most of all
please remind him time and time again
that even a .300 hitter
fails on seven out of ten--

Hey, Thanks Mr. Baseball.

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