The Red Moustache Manuscripts

The Red Moustache Manuscripts contains vignettes chronicling over a half century of adventures. Some of the stories are amusingly funny while others can be seriously enlightening. So come in and enjoy a truly unique experience!

The Wonders of Mingletown

Friends at Last

 A long time ago, two very different types of animals: Mules and Giraffes, settled in the small village of Mingletown...
Mingletown is a wonderful place, with cobblestone roads and buildings, and a beautiful park, called Mingle Park, located in the center of the village.
At one time the Mules and Giraffes lived in harmony, enjoying picnics together in the large grassy areas of Mingle Park. But that was a long time ago, when being different didn't seem to matter…
You see, the Mules had incredibly strong backs for doing really hard work, while the Giraffes had long thin necks for reaching way up high, higher than the Mules could see.
All the Mules, men and women, dressed in rugged dungaree overalls and high leather work shoes with thick rubber soles. To protect their heads while they built the roads and buildings from the beautifully rounded cobblestones, they wore bright yellow hard-hats. They also wrapped colorful bandannas around their necks that they would pull up over their faces when the work site would get really dusty.
The Giraffes were much more formal-- The men dressed in collared shirts, bow ties and expensive blazers woven from the finest materials. And to protect their heads from the hot sun way up high, they wore handsome derbies.  The women wore fancy dresses, shiny jewelry, and floppy straw sun hats.  The Giraffes designed the cobblestone roads and buildings and supervised the Mules who built them.
Because they looked so different and performed different jobs in Mingletown, the Mules and Giraffes no longer lived in harmony, and there hadn't been any picnics in Mingle Park for a very long time.
Then one day, a Mule named Sherman and a young Giraffe named Andy, were standing in line at the Mingle Market when the cash register jammed...
"Terrible thing when the only cash register breaks", remarked Sherman, calmly shaking his head from side to side.
"Sure is", Andy agreed quickly. "It's a good thing I'm in no hurry today or else I might have had to leave and come back later." 

"Why would a young Giraffe like you be in such a hurry?" asked Sherman. 

"Well you see", explained Andy, "I'm helping my Uncle for the summer. He designs cobblestone roads and buildings and the Mingle Middle School must be ready for the start of classes next September!"
With a wide, comforting smile Sherman said, "I've been building cobblestone roads and buildings for a while and I haven't seen any projects run on schedule. So don't hurry too much. Try and enjoy your work, you'll do a better job."
Sherman's advice made a lot of sense to Andy. He had been trying so hard to please his Uncle that he had lost sight of what was really important-- to do a good job!
The register was quickly repaired and Sherman and Andy left the market together. They continued walking and talking until they found themselves in the grassy area of Mingle Park. There they sat on a green park bench and ate some oats Sherman had in a small burlap pouch. Andy enjoyed Sherman's company, and Sherman, Andy's. 
They became good friends, enjoying oats and conversation together quite often on one of the green park benches, in the grassy area of Mingle Park. All the other animals in Mingletown thought this was very odd, but Sherman and Andy didn't seem to care...
Because Andy enjoyed Sherman's company so much the young Giraffe wanted to spend even more time with his new friend..."But how could a Mule enjoy eating way up high in the tree tops?” he wondered.
Andy would not let anything get in the way of his newly discovered friendship and so he decided to become a Mule himself… 
He would not wear his expensive blazer or his collared shirt and bow tie. He would dress like his friend Sherman, in rugged dungaree overalls and high leather work shoes with thick rubber soles. He even chose a colorful bandanna to wear around his long, thin neck. He had become a Mule, at least he thought...
Not long after the really hard work began Andy realized his back was not incredibly strong like Sherman's, and that his long, thin neck would always get in the way...
Andy was frustrated, but never stopped trying. He managed to survive all the terrible bumps and bruises with a lot of encouragement from his new friend Sherman.
But soon it became too much. And when Sherman saw that Andy was really hurting himself, he convinced him to stop. All the animals of Mingletown were relieved that Andy would once again start acting like a young Giraffe.
Then Sherman and Andy walked and talked until they found themselves in the grassy area of Mingle Park. Once there, they sat on the green park bench, and just as they started eating some oats from Sherman's small burlap pouch, they noticed a few Mules and Giraffes had once again gathered in the large grassy area of Mingle Park.
It seemed not all the animals of Mingletown thought Sherman and Andy's friendship was so odd after all...


The Beginning!


Night Fishing

 One Day I went 'a fishing'

'A fishing' I did go

The fun that was in store for me

I really did not know...


So I took my rod and reel

My lunch and bait box along with me

And started out in my little boat

Upon the deep blue sea...


The day she started out so right

My lunch it sank it sank clear out of sight

And when I opened up my bait box, so I could bait my hook

To my surprise, how empty it did look...


The waves began to rock 'n roll

The wind began to blow so cold

And in the morn to my delight

I realized I dreamed all night!

A Chuckle, A Laugh, and A Lie


With a chuckle, a laugh and a lie, Lenny was always able to get whatever he wanted. The more he did it, the easier it became.

With a chuckle, Lenny could always convince his mother that his homework was done, even when it wasn’t. Lenny got to watch a lot of TV.

With a laugh, Lenny could persuade his best friends to make trades that he knew weren’t fair to them. Lenny had a lot of valuable baseball cards.

With a lie, Lenny could always convince his teacher that he hadn’t been feeling well the night before his assignments were due, even when he felt fine. Lenny handed in a lot of assignments late.

With a chuckle, a laugh and a lie, Lenny was always able to get whatever he wanted. There was no reason for him to stop his chuckling, laughing and lying.

Then one day a new boy moved in next door. When Lenny met him he noticed that there was something very familiar about him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “Hmmm” Lenny wondered, “I have red hair and the new boy has black hair. I have green eyes and the new boy has brown eyes. I have lots of freckles and the new boy has none.”

Lenny thought again, “maybe I’ll just have to get to know him better.” So, Lenny invited the new boy to take a bike ride to the playground and toss a baseball.

Before they left, the new boy began boasting that his bicycle was the fastest bike around. He looked at Lenny’s new bike and chuckled... Then he offered to switch bikes for the ride to the playground. Lenny agreed.

Right away Lenny noticed that the new boy’s bike didn’t steer straight and the handlebars were loose. And boy did those bumps hurt! Lenny was happy to get off that bike at the playground and toss a baseball.

“Is that your glove?” laughed  the new boy. “Yes” replied Lenny. “You see this glove” the new boy went on, “It’s a one of a kind given to me by a real major leaguer. Here try it.” Lenny took the glove and handed the new boy his baseball glove, one that his father had just oiled... The new boy’s glove was stiff and Lenny was missing almost all of his catches.

When the ice cream truck arrived the two boys went running over to it. “I forgot my money.” the new boy said “Can you lend me some Lenny?” The new boy chose the biggest and most expensive ice cream. Lenny could barely afford a Popsicle for himself.

When the two boys arrived home, the new boy reached into his pocket for his house key and when he pulled out his hand not only was there a shiny key, but there were several crinkled up dollar bills. This made Lenny uncomfortable, so he pretended not to notice.

When he got inside his house, Lenny began to think. “Hmmm, the new boy had chuckled  about my bike, laughed  about my glove and lied  about the money…”

For the first time it had become clear to Lenny why the new boy had looked so familiar...Lenny finally had a reason to stop his chuckling, laughing and lying. And he did.

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