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Donald J Trump: American Icon

Many in this country include Donald J Trump in the category of "American Icon" along with the likes of Elvis Presley, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Evil Knievel, Babe Ruth...

To them Trump is the billionaire real estate mogul, star of The Apprentice, an International Playboy and he's occupied that spot for decades. Their image of him is clearly one of a celebrity who has lived a life only afforded the 'very rich 'n the very famous'. To his many admirers, his name is always in bright lights, and they envision him surrounded by gold, beautiful women and flying around the globe in his private jet.

Many women desire him and many men want to be him. He hit the campaign trail running. He had already secured a place in the hearts of his admirers and for them trying to think of him in any negative sense, was impossible. When Donald Trump stated "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters-" he was right. Once you're in people's hearts, they stop thinking logically and they make excuses when anything arises to the contrary, not too unlike what some parents do for their misbehaved children.

When Trump mocked a disabled member of the media, his admirers made excuses. They did the same when he disrespected the family of a fallen Muslim soldier, made comments about John McCain, demeaned women, minorities, was accused of rape of a minor and committed fraud, a crime he settled for 25 million dollars. Even his p**** grab tape did not cost him at the polls.

In the end Trump was right. He could do anything and still not lose voters. He was already nestled deep in the hearts of his admirers to a point of worship, and they stopped thinking with their heads. The only task ahead was to make his opponent appear evil, and according to recent CIA reports, he had Russian Intervention, GOP cover and FBI help.

Although Hillary Clinton ran a clean campaign, she was viewed as the liar and the Wall Street candidate. The "fake news" and Wikileaks/Russian propaganda were effective in turning people on the Democratic candidate. Clinton was not an "American Icon" and she had found her way into very few hearts...

Over the course of his campaign, the REAL Donald Trump revealed himself. Those revelations would have been enough to sink any other politician, but not "The Donald", he already had celebrity status, was an "American Icon" and was living in the hearts of his supporters and that's a sacred place...

It was obvious from the beginning of his campaign that Donald J Trump was not capable of doing the job of POTUS, but more importantly, President-elect Trump has continually proven in the weeks following his electoral victory that he's not capable of learning how to do it either. His "off-the-wall, all-night" tweeting habits, blatant disregard for security briefs, his condemnation of the CIA, his praise of Vladimir Putin, his bizarre cabinet appointments and his disregard for his campaign promises, all indicate he is unfit for the Presidency.

After giving it more thought, I believe Donald Trump's accomplishments as well as his character, or lack there of, disqualify him from inclusion on the aforementioned list of "American Icons". But upon further consideration, I believe he would be a better fit on another celebrity list sandwiched between Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian... ("The Donald" would like that!)

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