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2016 Indian "60" (Scout?)

Buying a "used" motorcycle is easy. It's a lot like watching re-runs of a TV show. No big commitments during prime-time. But, buying a "new" motorcycle is a prime-time commitment requiring more comparisons and more in depth decision making.

When shopping cars one might visit several different dealerships before making a decision and it's usually the one that pulls away from the rest that is worth the haggling...

Harley-Davidson's Sportster line-up features different styled motorcycles. The 883 Iron has little in common with the 1200 Custom. Same as the Super-Low, etc... They all live under the Sportster moniker, but they are different motorcycles at different price points.

What it appears Indian has done with the addition of their "60" is to take their $11,299 Scout and create an entry level version of it, reducing the cost by $2,300 by giving it a 60 cubic inch motor rather than the 69, and 5 gears instead of 6. No one purchasing a new bike wants their riding buddies to think they went bargain hunting. Buying a "60" in lieu of a Scout might give that impression.

If the "60" had different styling cues or purpose, a potential customer could shop both bikes at the same dealership, but I think it's going to confuse buyers and make them think too much. And we know dealerships want buyers to do less thinking (balloons and hot dogs) and more knee-jerk buying...

The Scout and the "60" appear more like big brother-little brother (mini-me) and in the world of motorcycle design that's just a cheap trick-

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